Monday, December 5, 2011


Good day! :) School was pretty good as usual. I actually like school, just not how stereotypical it is. My high school is one of the most dramatic places in the world. I hate how much negativity there is, but at least I've got my two peas with me. "My two peas" is was I call my best friends, Felicia and Meagan. We are as close as close can get. Felicia an I have been best friends since first grade. Meagan and I have been friends since eigth grade. And our triangle of best friendship formed in our freshman year of high school. So, the three peas we have become. FAM(ily) has become our little symbol/saying thing. F standing for Felicia, A sanding for Ashley, M standing for Meagan, and of course ily standing for I love you. I love those girls! Another good part about today is that I bought Michael's Christmas present. My 18 year old boyfriend asked for foot pajamas! :) He's so cute! So I bought him those. And so now I have most of my Christmas shopping down! Woot! Overall day rating: 8 1/3 (I was soo sleepy)

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