Saturday, December 10, 2011

12-10-11 & 12-11-11

Well, apparently yesterday's post didn't actually get posted. So! Today's post will be about yesterday and today.

Yesterday: We took my brother Brandon to get his hair cut. We also went to some thrift stores to find a dress for my history project. I have to dress up like and act like Emily Dickinson.  Oh, and try saying Frugal Fabric times fast. I can't even really say it once. I tried and it came out as "frubal fag***" I don't like that word. Another word I can't stand is legit. UGH!

Today: Today was a complete lazy day! Expect for when my dad wanted me to help him organize the garage. But my ears hurt way too much to be out in the cold, so that didn't last long. And then I set up and decorated the Christmas tree all by myself and that was a work out. Ha ha ha... Rum tummy tummy, rum tummy tummy HO HO HO!

<3 <3 <3

Friday, December 9, 2011


Not a whole lot happened today, so I don't have much to talk about. But today was really exciting! My high school's theater preformed a Christmas Carol! They did really great and it was a lot of fun. I ushered the door and got to get in free. :D Today was just overall a good day! Weekend! <3

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Pain! Ugh I think I might have ear infections in both ears. It hurts really bad! If you've never had an ear infection, it feels like a sharp object pokeing deep inside your ear and you can't just rub the pain away. And another thing to bring up is how sleepy I've been lately. I sleep a normal amout of hours from about 10-6, and I just feel so sleepy that sometimes I'm fighting to stay awake. Blah blah blah. I have so much on my school plate right now. Mid term, huge group history project, huge theater midterm performance, new information that will be on the midterms, reaching at least a 3.7 gpa and staying there. Woah. I need a little motivation. Next week is going to be insane! Then we're leaving for Kentucky on the 16th and staying until the 20th, which is part of my birthday week. I don't mind going to visit family, but I'm just so discombobulated. Hehe I've always wanted to use that word. Well I guess I'm just lucky to have these oportunities.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The beginning of today was rainy and yucky, but when the sun started setting, it was beautiful outside! Cold, but amazing. The clouds were so pretty. I had art club today, and the art teacher, Mrs. Goodman, said "And to think people say the clouds are white." She is so right about how when we are little we are taught that clouds are white and tree trunks are brown, but in truth they are many colors! The art auction starts tomorrow, and I am super excited how well the pottery sells.
Well today was pretty good! Only nine days until winter break, twelve days until my birthday, and eighteen days until Christmas! Woo! (:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Pretty good day! School was more fun that usual. I feel confident on a math test we took today, we got to practice our script for theater, we finished the movie in biology, me and my two peas got to hang out in history, we played bingo in literature, we did nothing in video broadcasting so my teacher let me go to my 7th period class, and I got to spend two class periods with my 7th period teacher. Then the bus ride home was with my two guy bffs, Brandon and chris. My mom calls them Bevis and Butthead. And then I went to the mall again and got a new shirt! Yay! There wasn't really anything exciting going on today. But overall it was pretty great!

Monday, December 5, 2011


Good day! :) School was pretty good as usual. I actually like school, just not how stereotypical it is. My high school is one of the most dramatic places in the world. I hate how much negativity there is, but at least I've got my two peas with me. "My two peas" is was I call my best friends, Felicia and Meagan. We are as close as close can get. Felicia an I have been best friends since first grade. Meagan and I have been friends since eigth grade. And our triangle of best friendship formed in our freshman year of high school. So, the three peas we have become. FAM(ily) has become our little symbol/saying thing. F standing for Felicia, A sanding for Ashley, M standing for Meagan, and of course ily standing for I love you. I love those girls! Another good part about today is that I bought Michael's Christmas present. My 18 year old boyfriend asked for foot pajamas! :) He's so cute! So I bought him those. And so now I have most of my Christmas shopping down! Woot! Overall day rating: 8 1/3 (I was soo sleepy)

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Last night was crazy emotional! I am the biggest cry baby on this planet. After I posted yesterday's entry, I popped in Titanic and balled my eyes out! It really didn't help with the whole situation the past few days, but I stayed up until 4:30 am crying about that movie. Usually I'm not that bad, but it hit me hard. So I just thought I would share how I spent my night. Ha!
So today was an okay day, I was so sleepy from staying up so late, but I made it through the day and got to take a nap. Today was my cousin Ethan's birthday party at the skating rink. I wasn't planning on skating, because I haven't skated in so many years and it was my four year old brother Brandon's first time skating. I was just going to help him out. But of course he wanted to see me in some skates. So I put them on and almost fell about 70 times. Ahh! It was so crazy! But luckily it was a private party so there wasn't anyone I know there. Hehe. I just loved watching Brandon have so much fun.
Two thumbs up for a slow moving weekend and a lazy day! <3

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Today was such a fun day! I am in art club at my school, and yesterday the president of art club reminded me that we had a face painting event that we volunteered for at a bakery called Calliope Sweets. So that was the main highlight of my day. 
I got there at about 10:30 and waited with Alexis for the kids to show up for awhile before she had to leave for a hair appointment. So she left and I waited by myself. The owner of the the bakery said that when the parade starts, the kids will start to show up. As soon at that Christmas parade was over, tons of kids started to pour into the shop. I painted snow men, snow flakes, Christmas trees, presents, Rudolph, Georgia Bulldog's "G", and a red and green butterfly. I loved watching all the little kid's faces before, during, and after they got their faces painted. Especially when I told them I had glitter!
So after a while of painting a bunch of faces, there got too long of a line to have inside the warm shop, so the owner said she was going to move the table outside. Burr! It was so cold! But I still had a ton of fun. Those kids were so cute, and I loved how excited they got over something so simple as a painting on their cheek. I wish I could go back to those days... 
Everything is getting better. And I loved today. <3

Friday, December 2, 2011


Hmm.. Today has been a very long day. A lot as been happening the past few days, and it finally all came out today. Well, my boyfriend, Michael, has been acting strange lately and it just hasn't been the same. So this morning when I checked my phone I had a message that I got after I had fallen asleep last night. He pretty much said that if I can't trust him, that he'd leave me. And that's what broke me down.
So, as I was getting ready for school, the song "With or Without You" by U2 came on and for some reason I felt like it could relate to my feelings. I was feeling down but okay enough where I thought I could get through the day without letting it leak out. I walked to the bus stop listening to the same song on replay and stood there with Brandon H., Chris, Quan, Brandon C., and James. Quan, one of the five boys at my bus stop, said "It's cold out here. Ashley, are you cold?" and I gave him a short "no". Then he asked me "Are you okay?" and again I gave him a quick, short "no", but in that moment I started crying. I've only cried in front of Brandon H. once, so it was strange and awkward for them, I could tell because they started talking about the weather and other things they normally don't talk about. I was so embarrassed though, I hate crying in front of people. Luckily the bus came, so I dried up my tears and got on the bus. The rest of the day dragged on and I barely talked to Michael through the day.
Now, I am really tired and I'm just glad it's the weekend. And I am over the whole big mess. Everything is all good and I'm talking to Michael right now, but I'm still listening to that song!