Sunday, December 4, 2011


Last night was crazy emotional! I am the biggest cry baby on this planet. After I posted yesterday's entry, I popped in Titanic and balled my eyes out! It really didn't help with the whole situation the past few days, but I stayed up until 4:30 am crying about that movie. Usually I'm not that bad, but it hit me hard. So I just thought I would share how I spent my night. Ha!
So today was an okay day, I was so sleepy from staying up so late, but I made it through the day and got to take a nap. Today was my cousin Ethan's birthday party at the skating rink. I wasn't planning on skating, because I haven't skated in so many years and it was my four year old brother Brandon's first time skating. I was just going to help him out. But of course he wanted to see me in some skates. So I put them on and almost fell about 70 times. Ahh! It was so crazy! But luckily it was a private party so there wasn't anyone I know there. Hehe. I just loved watching Brandon have so much fun.
Two thumbs up for a slow moving weekend and a lazy day! <3

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