Friday, December 2, 2011


Hmm.. Today has been a very long day. A lot as been happening the past few days, and it finally all came out today. Well, my boyfriend, Michael, has been acting strange lately and it just hasn't been the same. So this morning when I checked my phone I had a message that I got after I had fallen asleep last night. He pretty much said that if I can't trust him, that he'd leave me. And that's what broke me down.
So, as I was getting ready for school, the song "With or Without You" by U2 came on and for some reason I felt like it could relate to my feelings. I was feeling down but okay enough where I thought I could get through the day without letting it leak out. I walked to the bus stop listening to the same song on replay and stood there with Brandon H., Chris, Quan, Brandon C., and James. Quan, one of the five boys at my bus stop, said "It's cold out here. Ashley, are you cold?" and I gave him a short "no". Then he asked me "Are you okay?" and again I gave him a quick, short "no", but in that moment I started crying. I've only cried in front of Brandon H. once, so it was strange and awkward for them, I could tell because they started talking about the weather and other things they normally don't talk about. I was so embarrassed though, I hate crying in front of people. Luckily the bus came, so I dried up my tears and got on the bus. The rest of the day dragged on and I barely talked to Michael through the day.
Now, I am really tired and I'm just glad it's the weekend. And I am over the whole big mess. Everything is all good and I'm talking to Michael right now, but I'm still listening to that song!

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