Thursday, January 5, 2012

12-12-11 ~ 1-5-12 (Catching Up)

Woah! So a ton has happened in the past three weeks! So first of all, my lap top is broken and won't hold a charge, so I'm dealing with this on my iPhone. Well me and my family took a trip to Kentucky to visit our huge family up there. And we just so happened to be up there for my 16th Birthday. So they threw me a big suprise party. It was awesome! I love having all of us all together. And one of the best presents I got was my grandma, who died a few years ago) 's letterman jacket. So infer to wear it around and it's really speical! So then we have fun on Christmas Eve with the small part of my mom's side of the that lives here in Georgia. And my brother had so much fun getting his presents from Santa! He is just so cute!Bad part of what's been happening is me and my amazing boyfriend Michael have been fighting and arguing lately. But I still love him so very much!And the most recent stuff is that I got my very thin, straight hair permed. It's kinda how I wanted it buy oh well! I also got contacts, cause I'm getting tired if wearing glasses. I've been wearing glasses for like 3 years straight. And now we're back in school, the dragon's firy pit of doom. Yay..So we're pretty much caught up!

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